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Chautauqua – Hiking Trails for Everyone!

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Chautauqua has so many hikes that you will never get bored! You might get lost… but not for to long as they usually wrap around and you are sure to find another hiker along the way. As you can see from the photos I’ve posted the trails are for everyone – from easy hikes with your kids to advanced hikes for avid athletes. You will love it! Come out and see what makes Boulder the best place to live, ever, totally and forever.

Be sure to check out the kid’s park, which is where I took the photo of my daughter in the castle. They also have a great concert schedule and events for everyone planned all summer long. Spending a week in one of the cottages will be a unique Boulder experience.

By Leanne Goff

Chautauqua Trail

Chautauqua Trail Chautauqua Trail

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